Highlights from the Democratic Party of Georgia’s State Committee Meeting

Highlights from the Democratic Party of Georgia’s State Committee Meeting

We now have two Democratic, state-wide elected Senators here in the state of Georgia. But the work is not done. Saturday, January 9, the state committee met to discuss the victory and opportunities for the community to stay involved. Here are some highlights.

Join a committee or caucus. Committee chairs are appointed by the State Chair. Any Democrat can join a caucus or committee. However, committees must have a majority of state committee members:

  • General Caucus Info. DeKalb county’s own, Rep. Bee Nguyen, is Vice Chair for Constituency Groups. See a complete list of caucuses here.
  • Veteran & Military Families Caucus. Our County Chair, John Jackson, is the chair of the Veteran & Military Families Caucus. Read up about the caucus here and fill out this form for more.
  • African American Caucus. African Americans turned out like never before to flip the state. This caucus has been meeting every Sunday at 8 PM. It is led by our very own former County Chair, Dr. Barbara Campbell. Fill out this form to get involved.
  • Join the Tech Committee. The tech committee is working hard to create an Enterprise Resource Planning system for the state party. Interested in joining? Complete this form.

Other info:

  • AAPI voters were engaged. Read about the DPG’s outreach to Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) voters this election cycle. Click here.
  • Run for Something. Interested in running for a wider office? Fill out this form. If not, there are other ways to get involved. Click here to read.
  • Treasurer’s Report. To date, the DPG has reported approximately $23,622,000 in contributions to the federal ($18.27m) and state ($5.35m) accounts for the 2020 election cycle.
  • Georgia Democratic Leadership Institute. There will soon be a launch of the DPG Leadership Institute. This will assist in developing a statewide and diverse network of Democrats ready to lead through elected/appointed office or by supporting the party’s organizing efforts. More info to come.

Stay tuned for additional info on how to stay involved.