Meet Your DeKalb County
Democratic Committee

DeKalb Dems is your connection to the heartbeat of the Democratic Party. By being active with the DeKalb Dems, you can learn about upcoming elections and candidate, and you can participate in volunteer activities that will make our Party stronger. One of our most important groups year in and year out is the Get Out the Vote committee. District by district, there are opportunities for volunteers to help improve voter turnout and Democratic performance. There are also opportunities to work with DeKalb Dems as a voting member within the Georgia Democratic Party (GDP) or as a post seat holder from your House District in DeKalb County. Check out the scope of our committees to see what interests you the most. We invite you to stand with us in our important work.

Party Documents

We abide by and support the charter, by-laws, and platform of the
Democratic Party of Georgia as well as our own county by-laws and platform.

DCDC Officers

John Jackson


Email: John 

Karen Mixon


Email: Karen M.

Karen Davenport


Email: Karen D.

Gloria Moore


Email: Gloria

Andrew Heaton


Email: Andrew

Alisa Hamilton


Email: Alisa

Jennifer Young


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Local County Committee Elections

At the DeKalb County Committee level, we elect Post Seat Holders, Executive Committee members, and two State Committee Members every two years. The elections for 2023 positions have already been held, but we will inform you when we approach the elections for 2025.

Committee Chairs


Affiliate Groups

Dekalb Dems' State Committee Members

  • CD 1 – Larry Lowe and Karen Mixon
  • CD 2 – Andrew Heaton and Ann Abramowitz
  • CD 3 – Gloria Moore and Tommy Travis
  • CD 4 – Melva Hicks and Kenneth Royal
  • CD 5 – Billy Mitchell and Dorothy Wiley
  • CD 6 – Don Richards, Amy Swygert, and vacant
  • CD 7 – George Chidi, Josephine Handy-Sewell, and Janel Green

DeKalb House District Committees

Post Seat Holders from each House District in DeKalb County constitute a House District Committee. District Committees elect a District Chair and the District Chairs serve on the Party’s Steering Committee. The committee is empowered to fill vacancies and appoint additional non-voting members called “alternates”.

The District Committees’ purpose is to support their constituency before the County Committee and to be the Democratic “eyes and ears” to their respective State Representative regardless of the legislator’s political affiliation. The relationship with the legislator is informal but also vital to letting our voice be heard in state government. In addition to being the Democratic voice in the House District, the committee is charged with organizing the District’s Democrats into a powerful political organization on Election Day and year-round.

House District Committee Chairs

House District 52 – Lil Woolf

House District 80 – Mike Greenwald

House District 81 – Linda Zuk

House District 82 – Benjamin Bell

House District 83 – To be determined

House District 84 – Nadine Ali

House District 85 – Dr. LaDena Bolton

House District 86 – Michele Henson

House District 87 – Bridgemon Bolger

House District 88 – Gabrielle Rogers

House District 89 – Willie Render

House District 90 – Brandi Wyche

House District 91 – To be determined

House District 92 – Edwina Clanton

House District 93 – To be determined

House District 94 – Lance Hammonds