Return Your Mailed Ballot

Questions about where your ballot is? Track your ballot or call the Voter Protection Hotline 888-730-5816.


  • Use black or blue ink to mark your ballot.
  • Fill in the oval completely next to the names of the candidates you are voting for.
  • Watch this short video on how to complete your ballot correctly.
  • Remove the stub at the top of the ballot or it will slow down processing.
  • Place your ballot inside the smaller (usually white) envelope/sheet.
  • Then place that envelope into the larger envelope with the address of the Board of Elections printed on the front (usually yellow).
  • Sign the back of your envelope where designated

We’re encouraging everyone to vote ‘YES’ for all ballot measures.

Learn about the candidates here.

Remember, your ballot must be deposited before 7 p.m. on Tuesday, November 3, to count!

Vote Early

Note: If you’ve received your mail-in ballot, return it.

If you must vote in-person, bring your mail-in ballot with you. Early voting ends Friday, October 30.

Vote In Person

There have been several polling location changes. Find the latest location changes here.

Election Day is from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday, November 3.

Polling Location Changes

Need a ride to the polls? Contact NACA here or call 888-495-6222.

Questions or concerns about your ballot? Call the Voter Protection Hotline at 888-730-5816.