Dekalb Dems announce newly elected State Committee Members

State committee member elections were held at our last business meeting on February 28, 2023. Each Dekalb County Commission District elected three people to represent them as voting members of the Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG), except for CD5 where we have one vacancy. Each Super Commission District elected one member, bringing the total to 16 new state committee members. Here are the election results and our new representatives to the DPG:

Commission District 1

  1. Michael Greenwald
  2. Amy Swygert
  3. Andrew Heaton


Commission District 2

  1. Clare Schexnyder
  2. Jean-Louis Sankale
  3. Cindy Wilsky


Commission District 3

  1. Karen Davenport
  2. Larry Lowe
  3. Gloria Moore

Commission District 4

  1. Kenneth Royal
  2. Jade Gibbs
  3. Bridgemon Bolger

Commission District 5

  1. Dorothy Wiley
  2. Barbara Campbell

Super Commission Districts

  1. Brandi Wyche – SCD 6
  2. Janetta Cureton – SCD 7