Media Statement: Konnech Software Platform Developed to Schedule Poll Worker Shifts Has No Impact on Election Outcomes

Konnech Software Platform Developed to Schedule Poll Worker Shifts Has No Impact on Election Outcomes

Allegations and challenges are continued attempts to undermine local election integrity

Following the 2020 election, legal challenges around the country have repeatedly failed to support the barrage of conspiracy theories and allegations of misconduct relating to the election outcome. The latest attempt to undermine election integrity is the assertion that the logistics management software developed by Michigan-based Konnech was used to influence election results.

Konnech’s product is exclusively used for the management of election poll workers, from recruitment and training to shift scheduling and timely payment processing. There is absolutely no connection between Konnech software and the actual casting or tabulation of votes. They are separate systems that do not integrate in any way.

Konnech’s contract with Los Angeles County recently came under scrutiny when county officials alleged that poll worker data may have been stored on servers in China rather than in the United States. That news follows an ongoing flood of local voter registration challenges, open records requests and emails seeking to cast suspicion and further disrupt the election process in DeKalb County.

The DeKalb County Voter Registration and Elections office, responsible for local poll worker scheduling, confirmed that the poll worker data at issue did not include any private information, but only information that is publicly available. They also have assured poll workers that the safety of their data is a top priority and are taking further steps to ensure the public’s confidence in the county’s data security protocols. This includes housing data on the DeKalb County server.

Using the alleged Konnech data breach to insinuate that DeKalb County elections have been compromised is simply the latest attempt of the far-right to spread misinformation and draw illogical conclusions about our county’s safe, secure and fair elections.