Thank you for volunteering in your community! Thankful Canvassing is key to community care, voter trust, and Democratic success in November’s upcoming municipal elections. This page contains all the information you’ll need before you go out on your shift!

1. Watch this 10-minute general training video.

You must watch this video before knocking on doors for Thankful Canvassing. In it, you’ll find more details about thankful canvassing and training on what to say at the door. Here are the team leader contacts to reach out to with any questions. Team leaders have 2-3 cities they are responsible for.

2. Watch the video(s) from this list that correspond to the area(s) you’ll be canvassing in:

In these videos, you’ll receive targeted information about elected officials and upcoming municipal elections to pass on to people you talk to!

3. Fill out this waiver

Please maintain a distance of 6 feet when canvassing, even if you’re vaccinated. You are the best judge of whether or not you need a mask, but we recommend you bring one! Feel free to take it off while walking around and put it back on when talking at the door.

4. Watch this brief tutorial on how to use the MiniVan mobile app for canvassing.

Watch before you go to canvass for the first time. This PDF version is helpful in learning how to use the MiniVan app when going door to door.

5. Sign up for more shifts on our Mobilize page, and get your friends and family to sign up as well!

Our goal is to contact 25,000 households over the next 6 weeks, so we need as many people pitching in as possible. Reaching out directly to your friends and family is the best way to get more people to sign up. Personal connection is the best tool you have!