Local County
Committee Elections 

At the DeKalb Committee level, we will be electing Post Seat Holders, Executive Committee members, and two State Committee Members. Please fill out the Voter Affidavit form if you plan to vote for any of these positions. If you plan to run for any of the positions listed, please fill out the Candidate Intent Form. 

The DeKalb Democrats have a long history of fighting for change. Our members fight for a just and fair Democracy. Our volunteers host incredible events virtually and in-person across the county where hundreds of community members show up to make their voices heard. Join us.

Take Action Today

When we speak en masse with petitions, phone calls, rallies, and other actions, our individual voices are amplified, and decision-makers from elected officials to CEOs take notice. See all of our current joint actions below. 

Join the DeKalb Dems

Want to make a difference? Fight for progress? Join the DeKalb County Democratic Party. We are one of the most active county parties in Georgia, and indeed the country. We are a fast-growing party and welcome new members!

Become a Post Seat Holder

Become a voting member, or Post Seat Holder, of the DeKalb Dems. The process is a little more involved, but we will help you through it. Fill out our quick onboarding form below with your interests and let’s get to work!

Reach Voters and Find Events

Join us to phone bank, text or participate in a no-contact distribution of candidate info. We’re reaching voters across DeKalb letting them know about important upcoming local elections in their city. You can also sign up for our monthly meetings here.


Join the Precinct Program

Block Captains will save our democracy. Join us and learn how.

Become a Voter Protection Volunteer

Protect the vote and help keep Georgia blue by joining the DPG Voter Protection team.

Work Behind the Scenes

Introverts welcome! Tech, Comms, Policy…you name it. We need you to be the engine that helps us run. If voter contact isn’t your jam, this is for you.


DeKalb County Democratic voters are Georgia’s blue wall. Together, we flipped Georgia blue and saved the Senate. Now, stay involved with our work by joining us at an upcoming event, or sign up to phone bank, text or participate in a no-contact distribution of candidate info for the upcoming HD 90 special election on February 9th. 

Become a Vote Tripler

What is Vote Tripling? It’s simple – Ask voters to text 3 friends to remind them to vote! This is an easy, fun way to triple your impact in this election. 


Support our work

We’re supporting Democrats up and down the ballot across DeKalb County who share our vision. Your donation will power our work to turn out DeKalb Democratic voters in every election.

Chip in today to support our work to keep Georgia Blue and elect strong progressive Democrats in this and future elections.