2020 Democratic Primary

To view candidates who have filed so far in the 2020 Democratic Primary, visit the Georgia Secretary of State website Select “2020” under Election Year, and then:

  • for President: Select “03/24/2020 — 2020 March 24, 2020 PPP/Special Election” under Election, select “Democrat” under Party, select “Federal” under Office Type, and click “Qualified Candidates Information”.
  • For Other Offices: TBA (To be updated after Qualifying Week March 2-6)

What We’re Looking For

Interested in running for office as a Democrat? Want to advocate for Democratic values in elected office? Well, you’re at the right page! Here’s what we’re looking for in a Democratic candidate:

  1. Great candidates are involved, both in their communities and in the Democratic Process, and approach leadership with a servant’s heart.
  2. They know the issues and they know the community they desire to serve.
  3. They have demonstrated a commitment to others by volunteering for other Democratic candidates, volunteering for the Party, and by voting in Democratic Primaries.
  4. They embody Democratic values and principles in their day-to-day lives, and are not planning on running as a Democrat just because Democrats make up the majority of voters in the community they wish to serve.
  5. They may serve on the DeKalb County Democratic Committee.

Candidate Resources