2020 Democratic Primary

To view candidates who have filed so far in the 2020 Democratic Primary – please visit the Georgia Secretary of State website Select “2020” under Election Year, and then:

  • for President: Select “03/24/2020 — 2020 March 24, 2020 PPP/Special Election” under Election, select “Democrat” under Party, select “Federal” under Office Type, and click “Qualified Candidates Information”. 
  • For Other Offices: TBA (To be updated after Qualifying Week March 2-6)

What We’re Looking For

Interested in running for office as a Democrat? Want to advocate for Democratic values in elected office? Well, you’re at the right page! Here’s what we’re looking for in a Democratic candidate:

  1. Great candidates are involved, both in their communities and in the Democratic Process, and approach leadership with a servant’s heart.
  2. They know the issues and they know the community they desire to serve.
  3. They have demonstrated a commitment to others by volunteering for other Democratic candidates, volunteering for the Party, and by voting in Democratic Primaries.
  4. They embody Democratic values and principles in their day-to-day lives, and are not planning on running as a Democrat just because Democrats make up the majority of voters in the community they wish to serve.
  5. They may serve on the DeKalb County Democratic Committee.

Candidate Resources

Candidate Training

Here are several organizations providing candidate training for both partisan and nonpartisan office across Georgia at several events during the year: