Officers and Committees

Executive Committee

Chair – Jennifer Young
1st Vice Chair  –  Karen Mixon
2nd Vice Chair  –  John Jackson
3rd Vice Chair  –  Leona Perry
Treasurer  – Harmel Codi
Secretary  – Sheila Levy


Audit – Vacant
Awards  –  Vacant
Breakfast Club  –  Paul Grant
Budget and Finance –  Vacant
By-Laws  – Pam Stephenson
Campaign Research  – Alisa Hamilton
Candidate Development – James Nelson
Communications – Larry Lowe
Election Procedures – Elizabeth Burns
GOTV –  Karen Davenport
MembershipPaul Grant
Party Organization and Development  – Leslie Evers
Policy and LegislativeJanel Green and Dee Dawkins-Haigler
Special Events  –  Gloria Moore
Technology  –  Heather Smith

DeKalb Democrats State Committee Members
CD 1 Larry Lowe and Karen Mixon
CD 2 Andrew Heaton and Ann Abramowitz
CD 3 Karli Swift and Tommy Travis
CD 4 Jennifer Young and Kenneth Royal
CD 5 Billy Mitchell and Dorothy Wiley
CD 6 Aliya Bhatia, Don Richards, and Amy Swygert
CD 7 Erin Parks, George Chidi, and Josephine Handy-Sewell