Be a DeKalb Dems Precinct Captain

WHY SHOULD YOU BECOME A PRECINCT CAPTAIN? Research shows that messages that are customized to the needs of the voter, and delivered in a personal way are more effective in getting all members of a household to vote, including those who weren’t contacted themselves.

By creating strong networks of neighbors to help raise awareness, educate on issues and elevate concerns from voter to their local representatives, we can create an engaged, informed and ACTIVE voter base, and stronger, more robust communities where everyone can thrive. It also reassures voters that their voice matters even in between election cycles and makes a difference in shaping the policies and platforms that affect their lives.

How it works:

As Precinct Captain, you will work with your House District Chair to develop an outreach strategy for your precinct. Each precinct contains about 500-1,000 eligible voters. The Party can help you recruit block captains to help you extend your reach in your community. Communicate and connect with voters in your precinct on a regular basis, share information that is important to your community, update eligible voter information in the DeKalb Dems database and be ready to kick-start canvassing and outreach during election cycles.

What is needed from you

  • Recruit block captains to support you
  • Attend 9 of the 12 monthly meetings each year
  • Partner with other precinct captains and house district chair in your state House district on a regular basis to support outreach
  • Participate in canvass efforts in your precinct
  • Lead and support your block captains in your precinct
  • Collect and report information from voters to the DeKalb Dems
  • Track activities to report to DeKalb Dems

How will we support you

  • Comprehensive precinct captain training
  • Access to VoteBuilder to segment the precinct into manageable sections
  • Network of precinct captains and county-level partners for resource and information sharing, with, monthly meetings.
  • Pre-packaged information that you can share with voters in your precinct.
  • Training on technology resources
  • Access to LiveBinder for tools and resources.

Interested in participating? Please fill out this out this DeKalb Dems Neighborhood Organizing form if you are interested in helping to organize your precinct, your street, or even your block. We offer precinct captain/organizing training once a month.

The GOTV Committee will hold Days of Action every month at Decatur CoWorks, 708 Church Street, Decatur GA 30030 with Precinct Trainings, Phonebanks, and precinct canvass launches in future.

Upcoming dates:

  • April 27th…2:00-5:00
  • May 18th…12:00-3:00
  • June 22nd…12:00-3:00
  • July 27th…12:00-3:00