A Message From Our Chair

Hello DeKalb County Democrats!

Despite incorrect information that has been disseminated, the DeKalb County Democratic Committee has not and will not endorse, campaign or deploy resources for candidates in Municipal Races where there are multiple Democrats. In elections where there is only one Democrat against a known Republican or multiple Republicans, resources are being deployed to ensure that the Democrat is victorious just as we would do in any competitive election where a Democrat faces Republican opposition.

In the races where it’s Democrat on Republican, the Democratic Party of Georgia has used Votebuilder’s likely party and DNC score to determine party identity. Additionally, there is qualitative information as well. For example, the Mayor of Tucker Frank Auman is the two-time Republican Party Chair. He is also scored as a Strong Republican in Votebuilder with a low DNC score.

DeKalb Dems leadership along with Candidate Development, Campaign Research and Field Operations have worked hard to ensure that every municipal seat held by a Republican is contested and that the Democrats contesting them have the resources to win. You will find that our literature is consistent with the Democratic Party of Georgia’s spreadsheet which reveals whose Democrats and whose not. You can view the spreadsheet HERE

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me or contact Sarah Todd at the Democratic Party of Georgia. 


John Jackson
Chair, DeKalb County Democratic Committee