2020 Candidates Guide

See your Democratic Party candidates in Georgia! Candidates are organized in the order they will appear on the ballot. So grab your absentee ballot and start scrolling!

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President & Vice President

Joe Biden President

Kamala Harris Vice President

U.S. Senate (Perdue’s Seat)

Jon Ossoff U.S. Senate

U.S. Senate (Loeffler’s Seat)

Special Election Nov. 3rd – Winner Must have 50% + 1

Jamesia James US Senate

Ed Tarver US Senate

U.S. House of Representatives

Rep. Hank Johnson U.S. House, District 4

Nikema Williams U.S. House, District 5

Rep. Lucy McBath U.S. House, District 6

Georgia Public Service Commission

Robert G. Bryant PSC District 1

Daniel Blackman PSC District 4

Georgia Senate

Sen. Emanuel Jones Georgia Senate, District 10

Sen. Sally Harrell Georgia Senate, District 40

Kim Jackson Georgia Senate, District 41

Sen. Elena Parent Georgia Senate, District 42

Sen. Tonya Anderson Georgia Senate, District 43

Sen. Gail Davenport Georgia Senate, District 44

Sen. Gloria Butler Georgia Senate, District 55

Georgia House

Rep. Mike Wilensky Georgia House District 79

Rep. Matthew Wilson Georgia House District 80

Rep. Scott Holcomb Georgia House District 81

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver Georgia House District 82

Rep. Becky Evans Georgia House District 83

Rep. Renitta Shannon Georgia House District 84

Rep. Karla Drenner Georgia House District 85

Zulma Lopez Georgia House District 86

Rep. Viola Davis Georgia House District 87

Rep. Billy Mitchell Georgia House District 88

Rep. Bee Nguyen Georgia House District 89

Rep. Pam Stephenson Georgia House District 90

Rhonda Taylor Georgia House District 91

Rep. Doreen Carter Georgia House District 92

Rep. Dar'shun Kendrick Georgia House District 93

Rep. Karen Bennett Georgia House District 94

DeKalb County

CEO Michael Thurmond CEO of DeKalb County

Robert Patrick Commissioner, District 1

Steve Bradshaw Commissioner, District 4

Mereda Johnson Commissioner, District 5

Ted Terry Commissioner, District 6

Sherry Boston District Attorney

Donna Coleman-Stribling Solicitor-General

Berryl A. Anderson Chief Magistrate

Irvin Johnson Tax Commissioner

Debra DeBerry Clerk of Superior Court