Upcoming Elections

2017 and 2018 are going to be big years for elections. You already know about the midterms, and the battles for Congress and Senate seats across the country. There will also be a large number of local and state level seats being contested.

Get involved! Support your local candidates, or better yet, become a candidate yourself! Learn more about which DeKalb County seats will be open for election! Feel free to contact the Party if you would like to learn more about running for office.

2017 Run-off Elections this December 5th

State Representative District 89 Special Election



2018 Elections

U.S. House of Representatives
4th District
5th District
6th District

Lieutenant Governor
Attorney General
Secretary of State
Agriculture Commissioner
Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner
Labor Commissioner
State Superintendent of Schools
Public Service Commissioner

State Senate
District 10
District 40
District 41
District 42
District 43
District 44
District 55

State Representatives
District 79
District 80
District 81
District 82
District 83
District 84
District 85
District 86
District 87
District 88
District 89
District 90
District 91
District 92
District 93
District 94


Superior Court, Stone Mountain Judicial Circuit
3 positions
State Court of DeKalb County
2 positions

DeKalb County

DeKalb County Board of Commissioners
District 2
District 3
District 7 – Super

Board of Education
District 2
District 4
District 6