House District Committees

The DeKalb County Democratic Party organizes itself around statehouse legislative districts.  Each House District fully within the County has six Post Holders who are elected  to four year terms on the Primary Election ballot  by  fellow Democrats with half being elected every two years. Districts which are shared with other counties have a proportioned number of Post Holders. The District Committee elects a Chair and the Chairs serves on the Party’s Steering Committee. The committee is empowered to fill vacancies and appoint additional non-voting members called “alternates”.

The District Committees purpose is to support their constituency before the  County Committee and to be the Democratic “eyes and ears”  to the State Representative regardless of the legislator’s  political affiliation. The relationship with the legislator is informal, but also vital to letting our voice be heard. In addition to being the Democratic voice in the House District, the committee is charged with organizing the District’s Democrats into a powerful political organization on Election Day and year round.

House District 79  
Chair – Amy Swygert
Emily Ritzler
Carol Allen
Brett Davis
Patricia Payne
Tonya Clinkscale
Alternate – Andrea Oki
Alternate – Eric Warshal

House District 80
Chair – L. Don Richard
Lillian Wolf
Edith Fusillo
Matthew Weiss
Alternate – Liz Ernst
Alternate – Alisa Hamilton
Alternate – Tresha Harp
At-Large – Osama Malik

House District 81
Chair – Jeff Corkill
Debra Mines
Karen Mixon
Jay Harrell
Corregan Brown
Susannah Scott
Abigail Carlton
Alternate – Ericka Claudio
Alternate – Pervez Iqbal

House District 82
Chair – Andrew Heaton
Ann Abramowitz
Konrad Hayashi
Ron McCauley
Ben Heppner
Steve Perkins

House District 83 
Chair – Daniel Walker
Nadine Ali
Diamond Champagne
Jodi Cobb
Heather Smith
Sara Hawker
Leslie Evers
Alternate – Leigh Swanson
Alternate – Paula Chance
Alternate – Lynn Pratt

House District 84
Chair – Amber Willett
Harmel Deanne Codi
Amanda Collier-Rittenhouse
Donald McKay
Jim Herald
Karen Davenport
Alternate – Wayne Walton
Alternate – Ferrell Stallings

House District 85
Chair – Candice Campen
Melva Hicks
Samuel Tillman
Kim Jones
Anne Clarke
Kenny Austin
Alternate- Brian Brinker
Alternate- Emily Halevy

House District 86
Co-Chairs – Janel Green and Erin Parks
John Sawyer
Susan Motter
Jana Miles
Judith Polacek
Alternate – Marjorie Snook
Alternate – Jacqueline Adams
Alternate – John Turner
At-Large – Zepora Roberts

House District 87
Chair – Bridgemon Bolger
Sara Amis
George Chidi
Deloris Bryant-Booker
Mary Poellnitz
Kathryn Rice

House District 88
Chair – Jennifer Young
Marcia Fagin
Paul Grant
Mostafa Zahid
Beverly Jones
Edward Patton
Alternate – Maya Mitchell

House District 89
Chair – Jon Gerson
Co-Chair – Sandra Daniels
Jr Williford
Tedra Eberhart-Lee
Marcus Owens
Van Jensen
Alternate – Megan Owens
Alternate – Patrick Husbands
Alternate – Shawn Wildermuth

House District 90
Chair – Teresa Hardy
Barbara Campbell
Vaughn Irons
Jeffrey Meeks

House District 91
Dee Dawkins-Haigler
Douglas Hines
Chris Moser

House District 92
Chair – Rita Robinzine
Beatrice Williams
Roland Carter, II
Beverly Barnes
Lenea Allen
Donna Dees
Alternate – Den-Rey Allen
Alternate – Tracy Smith
Alternate – Teresa Davis-Howard

House District 93
Chair – Veronica Higgs Cope
Raymond Christie
John Jackson
Daniel Sobszak
Jewel Anderson
Kenneth Royal

House District 94 
Chair – Dorothy Wiley
Deborah Dulin
Joyce Reid
Josephine Handy-Sewell
Leona Perry
Leroy Bennett
Alternate – Linda Bryant-Butler