DeKalb County Democrats, Turning Georgia Blue

We are actively seeking precinct captains for all DeKalb County area precincts.

The precinct captain is charged with connecting the people in a precinct to get informed and to get people out to vote at every election! Captains work to know the precinct geography, know their constituents, recruit volunteers, canvass the precinct, and increase the democratic base of voters.

Please fill out this out this DeKalb Dems Neighborhood Organizing form if you are interested in helping to organize your precinct, your street, or even your block. We offer precinct captain/organizing training once a month. Sign up on our Facebook Events page.

You can find more information about DeKalb County precincts (and find yours) here

We will provide training and resource materials.

Come be a part of the team! Or help fund our training efforts…