Get Out The Vote
Things You Need To know


Our last Precinct Captain training is coming up October 13th at Shy Temple CME Church located at 2012 Memorial Dr SE, Atlanta, GA 30317.

Initial precinct training will be from 12-1pm. All are welcome! Please come learn how you can help organize your neighborhood.

In-depth VoteBuilder training for precinct captains and house district chairs will be from 1-2pm.

*Important!* Please fill out the following form at least 4 days before the event:
This helps us prepare printed materials for the training that are specific to your precinct, and to check if your precinct already has a precinct captain (so we can give you their contact information or offer you the job!).



* The Coordinated Campaign is working to elect Stacey Abrams for Governor, Sarah Riggs Amico for Lt. Governor and other Democratic candidates across GA.

* The Campaign is targeting all Strong Democratic, Leaning Democratic, and some Independent Voters. The focus of canvassing and phone banking will be on Sporadic/Infrequent Democratic voters. There is a large number of these voters in the south and east precincts of DeKalb and most DeKalb house districts have south or east precincts. We need to work together to get these voters out.

* Campaign plan is to visit every door at least three times until voter contact is made. Once a voter is talked with, they come off the canvass list until October early voting time. We can do this with enough volunteers!

* To help us Get Out The Vote we need thousands of volunteers to work out of the DeKalb Field Office at 4185 Snapfinger Woods Drive, Decatur, GA 30035, located right off I-20 at Wesley Chapel Road. Volunteers will have the opportunity to meet candidates and representatives of candidates when they volunteer at the office on weekends.

* Whenever you canvass or phone bank you will receive a script with your list. This is the focus of the scripts : 1) Here are the candidates, do we have your support? 2) What issues are important to you? 3) Will you help? (volunteer). Absolutely do introduce yourself as a neighbor and fellow House District member or DeKalb resident.

* House District specific canvassing can still be arranged; however, the coordinated Campaign can only provide priority turf within the District.

* Additional staging locations in Dekalb County are needed for canvass and phone bank events; must have WiFi, water, and bathroom.

For questions regarding staging locations, canvassing or phone banking, please contact the following people, who are eager to help:
DeKalb Regional Field Director: Grace Akan,
DeKalb Field Organizers:
Anthony Hill – South Dekalb (
Kunal Goel – Decatur (
Louise “Weez” Tomlinson – East Dekalb (

* If you want copies of a brochure that emphasizes the importance of voting and lists the statewide Democratic candidates to give to voters that you talk with, volunteer recruitment flyers, or DeKalb Dems T- shirts for canvassing please email Karen Davenport at .